What is Doomwinia?

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What is Doomwinia?

PostPosted by MajorCooke » Wed Aug 02, 2017 4:42 pm

Don't mind the noise. It's temporary until I acquire all the regular sound effects and implement them properly.

Short version: Ports Darwinia to Doom, only you play as a Darwinian Commando.

Long version
If you haven't played Darwinia, I suggest you get the demo on Steam and try it out. Well worth it!

You play a Darwinian Commando who accomplishes tasks in an off-the-grid style unlike regular Darwinians. Though you can follow through with your team and fight the enemy teams like they do, the Darwinian Commando is a specialist with more freedom granted to accomplish the objective by any means necessary -- including commanding other Darwinians to follow you, attack specific points or hold down certain areas. You can also collect upgrade crates that will allow you and your fellow Darwinians to fight with emphasized power against the Virus and all the competing teams.

This assumes you are mostly familiar with Darwinia's storyline. It's mostly the same as Darwinia's, with an exception that Darwinia's creator Dr. Sepulveda managed to create a specialist unit with his ally that rescued Darwinia from the brink of destruction. The lands won't necessarily be the same but will contain the same story principals and dialogue. The commando's actions will help decide the fate of the battles they fight.

But after the Temple mission, there will be more. Soon...
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