READ ME (rules + links)

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READ ME (rules + links)

PostPosted by MajorCooke » Thu Jul 13, 2017 3:41 pm

Standard rules apply much like many other forums.

  • Be polite to each other and reasonably mannered.
  • No illegal/straight up NSFW materials.
  • Chillax.
  • Mods, admins, and the boss (I) have the last say.
  • If a bad time in history comes along, don't repeat it.
  • Try to keep threads in appropriate places.
  • If you were banned/kicked from Discord, you can message me directly to appeal on Discord or here.
  • Have fun.

LINKS (Offsite)
Doom 4 For Doom on ZDoom
AEons of Death on ZDoom
Our Discord Topic
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