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Wormwood Arbalest

PostPosted by josko_91 » Mon Sep 18, 2017 8:23 am

Hi, I found the Wormwood Arbalest when I searched through the Class 7 weapons in the code, got curious what it was so I spawned it in the game ofcourse! and my god is it OP  

My question is, since it dosn't seem to spawn from any weapon, does a boss monster drop it or is it some unfinished weapon that you decided not to include?

But one thing is sure, it's crazy op, even on Nightmare mode, everything kind of insta dies with AltFire LOL  :D

I also attempted to heavily nerf it but it still almost insta killed everything lmao, testing just the regular poison arrows on a cyberdemon caused him on permanent pain state so funny and overpowered xD i don't know how you could balance such weapon because every monsters enters a permanent pain state when the poison cloud appears same with both primary and altfire mode
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