Some minor bugs

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Some minor bugs

PostPosted by Nightmarekiller » Fri Feb 09, 2018 9:53 am

Hi there, I have been playing for years this mod and I dare to say that is one of my top 5 weapons mods. I always had the version 6.06 and I decided to check the latest version(with GZDoom latest version too) and I found some minor bugs, some of them existed in older versions too.

The bugs are :

1) For some reason when I drop the Doom 2016 Super Shotgun and go near to it, it thinks that is a shock rifle from slot 4(I noticed that MAY happens when I use the cheat for all the weapons)

2) The Sticky Mine(from Shadow Warrior) does not have anymore throwing power bar, like the TNT,Glyph,Lemonade

3) While is not a big deal, I noticed that some weapons especially the ones that require explosive ammo in general from the category of AEGRENADEAMMO, the ammo counting system turns red(supposedly when you are nearing to run out of ammo) earlier than usual. Around half. Also some weapons who have small clip such as the Bone Duster with 20 shells, the ammo clip indicator is red.

4) The Shock Rifle primary fire is not aligned correctly while the secondary fire is.

5) The Blood Voodoo Doll is the only weapon I think that I cannot re-supply it with ammo, neither with the magic cup nor with the cheat "give ammo". My only solution is to summon it via console.

6) One of the newest weapons the "Enlightenment Staff" I think is buggy ? when I use the primary fire it just shoots and never stops ???? And I don't understand what the secondary fire does too.

7) If I use the cheat option "give everything" to see what weapons are available in general, there 2 funny bugs. First, on my left side of the screen appears a "hammer" that goes up and down when I cycle through weapons. The second one, there is some kind of an invisible weapon with ammunition of 800 and it's primary fire is very similar to the "Crawler". Also it seems to exist an invisible inventory item too.
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